Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium

Nowadays people have been attracted to a lot of entertainment sports but mainly football or soccer. Varying from teenagers to elderly people, soccer has been a topic of controversy. Two teams compete against each other and the winner gets trophies. The main even in soccer is the World Cup which hosts, obviously, teams from all around the globe.

Soccer usually takes place in stadiums. Each stadium is unique and built in its own way in order to be different and stand out. The Tottenham’s Hotspur Stadium located in Tottenham, London is a stadium which is currently under construction and will act as the home ground for the Tottenham area in London, England. This stadium will be a replacement to its prior White Hart Lane stadium.

Initial plans says that the stadium will have a capacity of 62,062 individuals making it one of the biggest in the Premier League. Not only that but also it will be considered as the greatest for one specific club in North London.

When talking about its design, it is meant to be a multi-purpose stadium which will include the world’s first dividing retractable football pitch that uncovers a man-made turf underneath it to host the NFL London Games along with so many events and concerts. The stadium, previously was the site of the demolished White Hart Lane and accompanied areas. The project firstly originated in 2007 but was publicly announced in 2008 after revising its plan many several times. Initial construction works only took place by 2015 and is set to open during the 2018-19 season.

Project this massive will definitely require well, a ton of money to fund it. Did you know that the stadium will cost something around 350-400 million pound? That’s a lot of money. In the beginning three banks agreed to finance the project and 200 million pounds were first supplied in the December 2015 but that was replaced by a 400 million pound bank loan, due to five years, in May 2017 in order to fund the stadium remaining construction plan. At the end, 637 million pounds were spent on the project.

A club this big is certainly funded by many partners. Who are the Tottenham Hotspur sponsors? Sticking to tradition, the official beer sponsor for the stadium was Heineken who also sponsored Tottenham. The North London area, Tottenham also signed a contract with LG which will supply the huge stadium with Ultra-premium TVs along with digital commercial signs. Also added to the list the IT networking and wireless base business partner will be Mr. Hewlett-Packard.

London as it is the capital is undoubtedly very crowded. Transportation to the stadium will be accessible from many checkpoints including London Over and Underground and also National Rail stations like Tottenham Hale and White Hart Lane stations. If you prefer travelling by buses, the stadium will feature up to 144 buses per hour so you won’t have to worry if you missed a bus.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is truly magnificent and will be one of a kind stadium that stands out amongst many local and worldwide competitors.